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I am Prasad, hail from a weaver family, used to sell sarees going from one street to another on a bicycle. This experience has endowed me with a deep understanding of cost, quality and design trends. I procured the sarees directly from the weavers. After seeing the success and demand for these sarees, I started my offline outlet with the name ‘Prasad Cloth Stores’. With the advent of power looms, the appreciation for handloom sarees continues to a steady downfall. 

The fear that power looms will one day make the handloom business and weaver community extinct required a drastic step. After seeing my struggles, one of my friends advised me to take the business online. I then gave up my offline business in the year 2018 to start an online business. Going online meant I could not only reach a wider market in India, but I could also take this stunning craftsmanship to the international market. 

My dream is to save India’s rich handloom heritage by giving it a second life. Through Mojiram, I bring more than four decades of experience to my consumers and aim to provide them with the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and latest designs at an affordable price. 

Our Vision

Indian handloom is one of our best-kept secrets. But best kept secrets often get buried within the shackles of time and see a premature end. Indian handlooms deserve global recognition, our weavers’ creations deserve to see the international market, and that’s what our guiding light is. 

We aim to make Mojiram the gateway to the pristine world of Indian handloom creations. At Mojiram, we stand for trust, quality and craftsmanship. Every piece that we have symbolises the Indian tradition in its purest form. 

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